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Wilderness Folk School Specialise in
Bushcraft Courses,
Nature Education & Wilderness Expeditions

Welcome to Wilderness Folk School

Bushcraft Courses
Help You To
Reconnect with Nature

At the heart of the Wilderness Folk Schools' ethos is a belief that connection to nature is fostered though participation within it.

Bushcraft is the study of how to live in nature and with nature, while using your knowledge of it to meet your needs and be comfortable.


Our bushcraft courses in Scotland teach you the wilderness skills you need to have your own experiences in the outdoors in safety, comfort and harmony.    

Wilderness Skills Courses & Nature Training

Rewild Yourself:

Learn About Animal Tracking,

How to Forage for Wild Foods &
Live Comfortably in the Forest  

Understanding Nature and engaging with the outdoors is fundamental for your mental and physical health.  We firmly believe that the more knowledge you have, the better placed you are to have meaningful outdoor experiences.


Not only is learning about wildlife good for you, it also fosters self reliance, confidence and competent outdoors-people.  


Join us on one of our Nature-Based Courses to rewild yourself and learn how to be comfortable in nature      

A Special Place To Learn Traditional Crafts; 
Woodcraft, Canoe Building, Green Oak Timber Framing  

Many traditional skills are inherently sustainable.  By using local materials, you are not only helping the environment, you are also connecting yourself to place and engaging with the nature around you. 


Our courses in woodworking skills such as green oak timber framing & canoe paddle making will show you how.  

Hannah Knight walking on snowshoes on a winter skills expedition

Winter Skills & Tracking Expedition

Immerse Yourself On A 
Wilderness Expedition

We offer carefully chosen wilderness expeditions to spectacular environments. Each trip has it's own unique challenges and learning opportunities and these nature-based immersion experiences put you at the heart of the learning.   


We partner with the best outdoor guides and nature educators who have intimate knowledge of their place to create truly unique expeditions.

What People Say About Us...

“Instructors are usually a combination of enthusiastic, knowledgeable, skilled teachers and approachable.  Rarely is an instructor all of these things.  Steven Hanton is one of the few.  His knowledge base comes from years of practical experience.  Time spent with Steven is always enjoyable, fascinating, and inspiring."

Ross Bowyer,

Wilderness Guide, Bushcraft Instructor, Consultant

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