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Terms & Conditions



1.These terms & conditions form the basis of the contract between Wilderness Folk School Ltd and the client upon booking, and can only be changed by Wilderness Folk School ltd in writing.

2. For all adult courses (all courses unless clearly stated in the course description) all clients must be 18 years of age or over 16 years of age if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

3. Any knives or tools given to clients during a course are, after the course, entirely the client's responsibility and all current UK knife law must be adhered to.  

4.  Parents booking course places for unaccompanied children under the age of 16 give consent to Wilderness Folk School ltd staff to be the duty carers of said child for the duration of the course.  

5.  Wilderness Folk School will make an effort to obtain consent to use photographs of clients obtained during a course, but upon booking the client gives presumed consent for such photos to be used for marketing unless explicitly stated verbally to a member of staff or in writing prior to the course.  

6. No dogs or pets are permitted on any courses


1.  The client accepts Wilderness Folk School's term and conditions outlined here in full and enters into a contract when they:

  • Submit or complete a booking form AND pay either the course deposit amount or full course balance.  The monies must have cleared in Wildnerness Folk School ltd's bank account and we must acknowledge receipt of booking and funds. We reserve all right, even after booking, to cancel a booking - in which case we will return all monies back to the client.  The legal jurisdiction of this contract will be in Scotland only.   


2.  Course places (and the contract agreed) are not transferable to any other person unless agreed in writing by Wilderness Folk School ltd. 


3.  Clients must have a good standard of general fitness (a stated on the course info page) and must disclose all medical history on the medical history form requested at the time of booking. Wilderness Folk School ltd will not be held liable for any health related issues (during or after a course) which occur as a result of medical history not declared on the medical history form.

4.  Any client who arrives late or does not attend a course after booking is not entitled to a refund.

5.  Payment terms are as follows:

  • A deposit of 25% of the course fee can be paid (after an invoice issued by Wilderness Folk School ltd) to secure a course place.  The full course balance or the remaining 75% balance must be paid 8 weeks prior to the start of the course.

  • If a client does not pay the remaining balance 8 weeks prior to the course start date, after paying a deposit, we will deem this a cancellation by the client and we will retain the deposit.

  • If we cancel a course for any reason (except in very rare exceptional weather circumstances deemed unsafe by us, or pandemic), we will refund you 100% of your course fee or offer you are course voucher to the same value as the booking.  

  • If you cancel 8 weeks before the course starts we will not refund your deposit.  If you cancel 4 - 8 weeks before the course start date we will retain 50% of your course fee.  If you cancel 4 weeks or less before the course start date, we will retain 100% of your course fee.  We may be able to transfer you onto another course date or course, but this must be agreed in writing with us and this is not always possible.  This cancellation policy is in place due to upfront costs and organisation which take place in advance of a course.     

6.  Course fees may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.  In this case we will inform you as far ahead as possible and give you the option to change or cancel the booking.  

7. Every effort will be made to run course in accordance with the course description page on this website.  There may be circumstances, out with our control, which mean that for some reason we have to modify the course content, change the venue or postpone a course.  In this case Wilderness Folk School ltd can not be held liable.  



1.  No alcohol or illegal drugs are permitted on courses.  On some courses the consumption of small amounts of alcohol may be permitted (wild foods courses for example) at the discretion of Wildnerness Folk School ltd.

2. A kit list is provided for every course and it's the clients responsibility to ensure they are adequately dressed/prepared for the course.  

3. Clients must hand all equipment issued by us back in the same condition it was issued in.  Clients are liable for any losses or damage to issued equipment.  

4. Clients must adhere to all instructions given by Wilderness Folk School ltd staff.  We will not be held liable for injury/losses incurred as a result of ignoring instructions/unsafe behaviour.  


5.  All clients have the right to enjoy the course and not be disrupted by the behaviour of other course members.  We reserve the right to remove any client (at the client's cost) from a course for any behaviour which obstructs the enjoyment or safety of others; for example abusive behaviours, intoxication, disregard of safety instructions, disregard of the environment.  Such clients will not be given a refund.

6. Smoking must not take place in any shared areas of the camp.  



1.  Although through thorough risk assessment, experience, planning and safety procedures we aim to minimise risk to clients, no outdoor activity is without risks or hazards.  Clients must acknowledge that there are inherent risks associated with taking a course and by booking a course accepts these risks.  Wilderness Folk School ltd can not be held liable for risks out with their control, eg. adverse weather and windblown trees, inadequate clothing or equipment supplied by client, illegal activities by other course members or members of the public or mistakes, mishaps or accidents resulting from the normal activities of the course.  Wilderness Folk School ltd must be shown to be negligent for any liability to be acknowledged.      

2. Clients undertake the following activities on a course entirely at their own risk (not included in the course fee) - wild swimming, fishing, walks on their own out from camp.  

3.  Wilderness Folk School ltd is not liable for any damage or loss to any clients personal possessions, clothing or equipment while on a course.  

4.  Wilderness Folk School ltd is not liable for any health issues that arise from clients consuming catered food if the client has not disclosed food intolerances at the time of booking.  

5. We offer a complimentary train pick up service if booked in advance, there is no charge for this service.   


1. Wilderness Folk School ltd has adequate public liability and first aid provision insurance.  All attendees are advised at, as per the course info pages, to have their own personal insurance to cover accidents/theft/damages. 

2.  Any complaints must be made in the first instance to the course instructors on the course followed up, if necessary, in writing no later than 28 days after the course completion.  If no complaint is made during the course, no corrective action can be taken and this is deemed unreasonable.  


1. We collect personal information at the time of booking for all clients.  We also collect personal medical history information which is relevant to keep you safe while on our courses. We are required to keep this information for 6 years comply with UK tax law - after which time it will be destroyed.  We will never share any of this data with a third party - the only people that will see it are Wilderness Folk School ltd staff who are running your course and our office staff.   

2.  If you opt in to join our mailing list, we will not share any of your details with third parties and you have the option to opt out at any time. 

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