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Canoe Wilderness Scotland

Canoe Expedition & Coastal Foraging


Scotland's West Coast



2024 DATES

9 - 14




Scotland's lochs, rivers and coastline offer a true wilderness paddling experience.  Join us for a 6-day wilderness canoe expedition into the heart of Scotland's breathtaking west coast.


Much more than your average canoeing trip, this exciting collaboration sees us team up with our friends at Howl Bushcraft to offer a chance to explore this stunning area by canoe and learn a wealth of bushcraft skills and coastal foraging techniques from instructors with over 30 years of combined canoeing and bushcraft experience.

The Canoe Trip

Our journey starts at the head of Loch Shiel, a truly wild loch, surrounded by majestic mountains.  We paddle south west on our route to the sea spending 3 days exploring this rugged landscape and learning bushcraft skills which make canoe tripping here possible.  The loch is a perfect place to brush up on paddling skills and there will be ample time for us to coach you in expedition canoeing skills including poling, lining and tracking as we spend a day exploring an exciting side trip.

Loch Shiel Canoe Trip

Loch Moidart and the rugged coastline on the north cost of Ardnamurchan is a wilderness canoe trippers paradise. 

As we near the western end of the loch, the water quickens as we pick up the current of the River Shiel and run this short river out to salt water and the spectacular rugged coast line of loch Moidart.  A whole new playground awaits as we spend 3 days exploring the coastal foraging and wildlife opportunities that this area has to offer.  Camping on the beaches and coves in this area is a magical experience.  Days will be spent gathering shellfish, seaweeds and fungi as well as fishing using a variety of methods.  You'll also learn how to prepare and cook this coastal bounty using exciting wilderness cookery techniques and primitive methods.   

The Best Way To See Scottish Wildlife Is From A Canoe

The whole area is a wildlife haven and the canoe is the perfect way to get close to some of Scotland's most iconic species; otters, pine marten, scottish wild cats, red deer, foxes and badgers all live here as well as hundreds of bird species including both species of divers, ospreys, sea and golden eagles and all the major groups of woodland and coastal birds native to Scotland.  Certified 'Track & Sign Specialist' Steven Hanton will be your guide to the plethora of tracks and signs that we find along the way which adds a richness to the experience and allows you to really understand the place.  

Canoe Expedition Syllabus

    Canoeing Skills​

  • Canoe trip planning

  • Loading a canoe & gear shakedown 

  • Flat water paddling skills; strokes and trim

  • Moving water skills; strokes, route choice, ferry gliding & breaking in/out of the current

  • Rescue techniques for flat and moving water.   

  • Expedition canoe skills; poling, snubbing, lining, tracking & portaging

  • Canoeing at the coast; understanding tides and other considerations 

   Bushcraft & Coastal Foraging​

  • Firelighting masterclass

  • Tree and plant ID & edible, medicinal and utilitarian uses.  

  • Fungi; identify edible and poisonous species and how to cook

  • Seaweed; identify, collect and cook edible species.

  • Shellfish gathering; how to stay safe & check for edibility 

  • Coastal fishing techniques; long lines & rod and line  

  • Cookery techniques; preparing and smoking fish, reflector oven cookery, trail breads, steaming shellfish.    

  • Wildlife tracking; identify animal tracks and signs.    



West Coast


9 - 14 September








We start the trip at the head of Loch Shiel and paddle west, exploring Loch Moidart and ending up on the north coast of Ardnamurhcan. 

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