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Cranes flying in the sunset on our Namibian Desert Expedition

Hunting & Tracking With The San Bushmen 

Namibia Expedition

The San Bushmen trackers of the Kalahari are revered the world over for their legendary tracking skills.  Quite simply, their ability to follow the faintest marks and interpret the behavior of animals from their track patterns has probably never been surpassed. Sadly, this incredible skill is no longer as common amongst the San as it once was and old masters are becoming rare as younger generations no longer grow up as connected to the land.

The San Bushmen Master Trackers

This expedition will take you right to the heart of San Bushmen tracking magic, as we venture deep into the desert of northern Namibia to meet two of the last of the great master trackers of the Kalahari.


Ui/ Kxunta UI/ G/aqo are two such master trackers whose ability to read the landscape and interpret the tracks and signs of the desert animals has to be seen to be believed. We have spent days tracking with these two experts, and even with 20 years of tracking experience, we are humbled on a daily basis by the depth of knowledge they have and the effortless nature by which they read the signs. This really is a rare opportunity not only to witness this ability, but to learn from the masters and keep this tracking culture alive.

A san bushmen master tracker of the kalahari namibia

UI/ Kxunta explains how to tell if elephant dung is fresh - he had predicted while trailing this bull that we were close.  His speculative tracking skills are exceptional. 

Daily Life On This Remote Desert Expedition

Following the two master trackers through the Namibian bush

This expedition will focus on the tracking and hunting skills of the San Bushmen, each day packed with tracking study, plenty of tracking dirt time, walks into the remote bush to find and follow animals and full immersion into San Bushmen tracking and hunting culture.  Our tracking camp is on the fringe of the remote Khaudum National park, and wildlife is abundant; typical species include elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dogs, hyena, giraffe and all the usual smaller carnivores as well as several antelope including roan, sable, kudu, oryx, steenbok and duiker.  


A typical day will involve heading out into the bush at first light for the morning’s activities before returning for a brunch as the sun warms up and the animals lay up for the heat of the day.  Down time will be used to rest or study the books before venturing back out into the bush in the late afternoon as the animals begin to move again.  We return to camp at dusk for a hearty meal and to share stories of the day by the mopane wood campfire.

Road conditions permitting we will also visit Nyae Nyae pans and Khaudum national park to explore the bountiful wildlife and tracks of these two areas. 

Our San Bushmen teachers will accompany you each day, guiding you, teaching you, keeping you safe and slowly helping you to see the world of the animals through their eyes.  You may get the chance to hunt with the bow and poison arrow and the San are very opportunistic; if the tracking is right, who knows what lies at the end of the trail. This is not guaranteed however due to the unpredictability of hunting -please see our FAQ’s.  Towards the end of the trip there will be a chance to take a Cybertracker Tracker Evaluation as both these trackers are certified to take evaluations as certified Master Trackers. This evaluation is optional but it is a very fun and educational process – we are happy to chat about this in advance of the trip.

Your Namibian Expedition Leader

This expedition is led by Steven Hanton who first visited the San of Namibia in 2007.  This sparked something of a tracking obsession with Steven being the first person in Europe to be awarded the Cybertracker Track and Sign Specialist certificate.  Steven is also experienced in expedition first aid and bushcraft with over 20 years of expedition experience.  As well as looking after your safety and camp logistics, Steven and the team will also assist the master trackers with lectures and classes on track and sign identification, trailing, natural history and desert survival.  For more info, please see the info and FAQs below or contact us with any questions.  

Namibia Expedition Includes:

  • Tracking & hunting with 2 San Bushmen Master Trackers

  • Learn about the historical and cultural importance of tracking to the San

  • Tracking theory lectures

  • Training in gait analysis and track patterns

  • How to interpret behaviour from tracks

  • Learn about desert ecosystems, mammalogy and the wildlife ecology of the area

  • Explore Nyae Nyae pans and Khaudum National Park

  • Days of trailing experience with the San Master trackers; finding and following fresh trails

  • Learn about how to deal with dangerous game encounters

  • Take a registered cybertracker evaluation 

  • Learn San Bushmen desert survival skills;

    • Hand-drill firelighting

    • Foraging for bush foods, water plants and arrow poison

    • Game meat processing and drying

    • Traditional traps and snares

    • Finding water in the desert


North East Namibia

2024 DATES

14 - 24th November 





Our remote tracking camp is 6km from a gravel road in the heart of the traditional lands of the Ju/hoansi San Bushmen.  Only a few km from the border of Khaudum National Park, one of the least visited and most wildlife rich national parks in Africa, we are perfectly placed to enjoy the wilderness of this vast area.  

Tented camp in the desert
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