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Wilderness Folk School Blog

Updated: Mar 29

Welcome to the Wilderness Folk School Blog!

Our aim with this blog is to bring you authoritative and experience driven advice, tips and commentary on Bushcraft, Wilderness Skills, Traditional Crafts and Expeditions.

With over 20 years of experience in the outdoor education industry, we hope to bring a little something of this experience to the table and really focus on ensuring that we can help you to:

'...reconnect with nature, feel empowered to engage with the great outdoors and have the confidence and knowledge to be safe and skilled while enjoying the natural environment'.

Misty morning on a loch canoeing trip in Scotland

Who are we?

Wilderness Folk School was founded by Steven Hanton and Hannah Knight. Steven is a well respected bushcraft instructor, expedition leader, animal tracking specialist and media survival consultant. Hannah is an ecologist with a passion for wildlife conservation, a forest school leader and a natural history enthusiast. Wilderness Folk School represents a chance for us to realise a dream of bringing together our unique skill sets to create a space to educate people on all things outdoors. You can read their full bios here.

Why a Folk School?

Folk Schools have their origins in a Scandinavian tradition of creating places where people come together to learn traditional skills. They usually have a wide remit and can offer anything from traditional crafts such as woodwork or boatbuilding to outdoor skills such as canoeing, camping and cookery. The name 'Wilderness Folk School' arose from a desire to create a Folk School which offers not only traditional crafts and cultural traditions, but also encourages people to engage with wild places and passes on the knowledge needed to be comfortable in the natural environment. The 'Wilderness' portion of our name is a nod to bushcraft, wilderness skills and survival and the courses and expeditions we offer in these fields.

Join Us On This Journey

We are super excited to be embarking on this journey and we can't wait to meet new folks, create new adventures and build a network of like-minded people who share our vision for nature connection.

We know that in this busy world that your time is precious, but your support means alot to us. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates, check out our courses and expedition offerings and share this blog with friends and family.

To outdoor adventures....!

Steven & Hannah

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