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Hedgerow Basketry Course

Hedgerow Basketry


9th & 23rd February 2025


Aberfeldy, Scotland


12 places 


Learn how to collect and weave natural materials into a beautiful basket on this basket weaving course.  

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    Since prehistoric times, baskets have been made from many different materials.  People living with the land would have taken advantage of whatever materials were to hand to make practical baskets.  The roots, shoots and branches of many species being used; from broom whips to lime suckers, pine roots to hazel stems and of course willow.   


    Commercially grown willow is of course a fantastic material, but our fields, hedgerows and riversides are full of bountiful resources for the basket maker. What's more, these materials are free, locally abundant, and impart a uniqueness to a basket made from the most local materials to the maker.  


    This two day course (the days separated by 2 weeks) will teach you how to identify suitable materials from the hedgerow, collect and store them and then weave your own basket with them.


    This course is split over 2 days with the first day focussing on material identification and collection and the second on weaving your project.  There are two weeks between the first and second day to allow the materials to 'season' and become a more superior weaving material.

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